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Quality means respect for Norway's nutrient rich nature,

For Norway's long history with fishing,

For the research institutions dedicated to this seafood nation,

And for customers passionate about high quality and health.

We believe in working together with fishermen and research institutions to deliver sustainably sourced, high quality, high value products, Norway's crown jewel in seafood. 

Come onboard and let us create value together!


It could appear tempting to purchase a cheap Norwegian sea cucumber online expecting to receive the world-renowned seafood from Norway quality at a discount price; however you may want to reconsider. 

Cheap Norwegian red sea cucumbers are nothing more than counterfeits.


As some online shoppers have started to discover, the cheap Norwegian sea cucumber you may be tempted to order is unlikely to be near the quality, taste and luxury associated with Eir of Norway.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us to make sure that you don’t purchase a fake Norwegian red sea cucumber product.

Eir of Norway is proudly listed as a registered exporter of seafood from Norway by the Norwegian Seafood Council.  Read more here

Eir of Norway 自豪地被挪威海鲜委员会列为挪威海鲜的注册出口商。在这里阅读更多

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